What is the Lethality Assessment?

The Lethality Assessment (LAP) is designed to enable High-Danger victims to utilize the community’s domestic violence resources.

Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell from the John Hopkins University School of Nursing has dedicated many years in researching violence against women in the United States. Dr. Campbell and her colleagues created a Danger Assessment that assists service providers determine major risk factors that identify whether a victim is at high risk of danger by an intimate partner. The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) utilized the Danger Assessment tool along with other research provided by Dr. Campbell and created the Lethality Assessment Program-Maryland Model (LAP).

The LAP is a program that is implemented by law enforcement agencies and partnering domestic violence service providers. The LAP screen consists of 11 question that are asked to the victim by the police officer on scene. Based on the answers provided by the victim, law enforcement can better identify whether the victim is at high risk of being killed by the intimate partner. In identifying victims that are more likely to be killed, first responders are able to connect these victims with community services in order to address the violence in their life. As MNADV states, “The LAP is designed to encourage and enable High-Danger victims to utilize the community’s domestic violence resources, thereby reducing risk of re-assault and intimate partner homicide.”

South Valley Services, an agency providing options to men, women, and children victims of family violence, found the LAP to be a great program in helping reach those victims whom are in the highest need of our services. The community of West Jordan City has been incredibly supportive of South Valley Services; we have established a strong and everlasting partnership with the West Jordan City Police Department that helped us implement the LAP program in our community on September 1, 2015. Additionally, we had the privilege to partner up with the West Valley City Police Department and have implemented the LAP in our neighboring community of West Valley City on January 1, 2016. Throughout this process, we have received tremendous support from other domestic violence service providers in Utah as we share the goal of providing services to all of those impacted by violence. Our current support agency is with Peace House, located in Park City, Utah.

With the help of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, we hope to continue expanding our partnerships with additional police departments and domestic violence service providers as the LAP program gains support throughout the state of Utah.

Additional resources on the LAP:

  • Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV): mnadv.org

  • Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC): udvc.org