Shelter. Advocacy. Prevention.

Shelter. Advocacy. Prevention.

South Valley Services is one of two domestic violence service providers in the Salt Lake Area. We provide safe shelter and supportive services to men, women and children who have been forced to leave their homes due to family violence.
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South Valley Services

South Valley Services (SVS) is a multi-cultural, intersectional, feminist-based agency with the vision to stop violence in all forms, including racial violence. We also acknowledge that society has systemically been hierarchical in its service delivery models to those who need help. SVS supports those who work to end violence and couldn’t do our work without them. Our goal every day is to stop the systemic violence that survivors experience. We do this through survivor-defined services, maintaining intersectional practices, and supporting positive social change. We stand in solidarity with those in the fight to end racism as we acknowledge that the fight for equality IS the fight to end domestic violence. We know that through the combination of these actions we have seen and will continue to see better outcomes for survivors of abuse. We invite all to learn more about our services, practices, and most importantly to hear from the voices of those we serve that no one deserves to be abused, violence is unacceptable, and we all play a role in stopping it.

Stop Family Violence

1 in 3 Women in Utah will Experience Domestic Violence.

1 in 4 Men in Utah will Experience Domestic Violence.


24 Hour Helpline:

(801) 255-1095 TTY/Text Helpline: (385) 266-6208