Survivor Voices

Empowering victims of domestic violence
I have become more aware of community services here more than anywhere. It’s the first time I have actually set goals. I learned how to deal with my feelings of shame. I got more personal growth here than all the other places together. Staff has treated me like I’m important and made me believe in me. Thank you so much to South Valley Services and every member of the staff. A special thanks to the case managers for setting examples of beautiful, confident women.
First of all I am grateful you were my case manager. You made me feel safe and cared for. You have helped me through a real tough time in my life and I thank you. I know I still have a long journey of recovery ahead, but I feel that I am now equipped to face them. I know that I am one of the thousands of people that go through SVS looking for help, but I am truly grateful for everything. I hope that SVS will be around for a long time to help those that are in need of a haven.”
I appreciate the services provided from this Healthy Relationship Class. I feel that it provides a way to be healthier as an individual that then always one to have a better idea of what to expect out of their relationships.
I realized that sometimes, everybody needs a little help and there is no shame in that. Having a case manager helped ne to set realistic goals and to encourage and give me guidance along the way. It took, a lot of work, patience and determination to get back on my feet, but I couldn’t have done it without SVS. This was my rock in my storm. SVS has helped me in more ways than one.”