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South Valley Services Newsletter- Winter Edition 2017

SVS Utah Clinical Team


Clinical Services
Our mental health therapists provide emotional support to those who reside in shelter and through our Community Resource Centers. Our therapists provide mental health to adults and help children deal with the trauma they have witnessed.
We Are Growing!
Clinical Department: The clinical department is growing! This past quarter we welcomed three wonderful Master’s in Social Work (MSW) interns: Patricia, Shelby, and Leah.
We also have had two other much needed additions to our team:
Tara, our part-time child therapist and Anna, a part time therapist who will be working both in shelter and in the community. 

Clinical Community Program
If you know anyone in a domestic violence situation who may benefit from mental health therapy please refer them to our clinical community program. We are offering up to 6 FREE sessions in the community to anyone in a domestic violence situation. You do not have to be in shelter to receive these services. Call our hotline number to make an appointment with a case manager who will then connect you with one of our therapists.

Community Resource Center Logo

Letter of Gratitude
For matters of confidentiality the name is omitted
“I would like to share my gratitude to the CRC case manager that helped me with my domestic violence case. Since the time I met with her, I felt she was my Angel, providing me information and resources that helped me. Even when it was pretty hard it was not impossible, I never felt discouraged because she motivated me to continue working on my goals. After 3 long years I can now see the outcome of our hard work. Now I feel Happy! I would never forget what your agency and my case manager did for me. I feel grateful and blessed. God bless this organization and all staff that works there.”
Our Community Resource Center Team would like to thank the Columbus Library in South Salt Lake for letting our team be a local resource for their community as well as being let to use their location as one of our many sites to see community client. Our Community Case Manager always look forward to going to the Columbus library to not only serve the community but to work with the wonderful staff. Thank you Columbus Library!


south valley sanctuarySouth Valley Sanctuary

We are beginning to see the signs of spring here. They sun shining in through the windows and the laughter of kids playing in the courtyard. The signs of new beginnings happening both inside and out! We are looking forward to many things as the sun warms up. We are scheduling companies to come in and work on several projects.

  •   Club 90 hosted and event and donated cover charge and in-kind donations
  •   Eagle Projects – donation drives, bulletin board installed
  •   Taylor Andrews came and did a beauty night, complete with hair-cuts!
  •   SLCC students volunteering many hours
  •   UVU students volunteering many hours.
  •   Girl Scout Troop planting flowers
  •   MERGE a church based community came and volunteered hours and dinner
  •   Smiths on 9000 S and 4800 W gave us another large donation

Our top 5 needs

  1. Dryer Sheets
  2. Reusablecups/bowls
  3. Sponges
  4. Earplugs
  5. Masking Tape

If you are interested in volunteering or donating time or financial contributions,
please contact the shelter at 801-255-1095. We also accept all donations at the Farmers Insurance on the corner of 1930 W. and 7800 S. M-TH 9-5pm and Fri 9-1pm.


Prevention Outreach Logo

Prevention and Outreach

Are you interested in getting involved in your community to spread awareness about domestic violence and addressing the needs of individuals that are affected by domestic violence, but you’re not sure where to start or how? South Valley Services has three domestic violence coalitions that you could participate in. These coalitions are: The West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition, Riverton Domestic Violence Coalition and CoLAVI.

The West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition (WJDVC) and the Riverton Domestic Violence Coalition (RDVC) are city specific coalitions made up of individuals from the community that either live or serve individuals in the West Jordan City Area or the Riverton Area. The mission of both of these coalitions is to work towards ending family violence by creating social change and improving the system’s response to domestic violence. The coalitions are currently working at planning a West Jordan Domestic Violence Awareness Event a Riverton Domestic Violence Awareness Event and learning about services that are available throughout the community.

CoLAVI is a Latino Coalition Against Family Violence, this coalition is made up of community members and organization that work among the Hispanic community. The coalition is focused on getting the Hispanic community the resources it needs. There is a big focus on education and outreach in the Hispanic community. The current efforts of the coalition are planning a community event this August at Intermountain medical center. We plan on having it in the education building on campus and offering a resource tabling

fair and workshops that community members can attend. The overall theme will focus on mental health and cover topics from domestic violence to healthy relationships.

Meeting information:

  •   Riverton Domestic Violence Coalition meets on the second Thursday of every month from 2:00-3:00 pm at the Riverton City Hall.
  •   West Jordan Domestic Violence Coalition meet on the third Thursday of every month from 3:30-4:30 pm at the West Jordan City Hall.
  •   CoLAVI meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 12:00-1:00, location pending.If you are interested in attending any of these coalitions, please contact the Prevention and Education Department at 801-255-1095 ext 214 or amyh@svsutah.org to receive more information.

A Word From the Executive Director

November is one of my favorite months, nature is so impacted by the change of seasons and seems to fall in beauty all around us.  The weather becomes more unpredictable and you get days that are stormy, blustery, beautiful and perfect. I naturally feel gratitude this time of year for where I live and the job that I have. The act of gratitude is an amazing healer of our souls and I think often overlooked. Working with survivors of violence I find that I am humbled by the amount of demanding work it is trying to stop violence. We have a wonderful team here at South Valley Services that truly cares for those we serve and tries to continually offer choices to anyone trying to escape from violence. I am so impressed at their continued dedication to this work, their positivity in the face of so much darkness and their desire to make this world better for all that are in it. I am thankful for this amazing team that is made up of staff, board members, and volunteers and I thank you all for your time, talents and financial contributions that help us continue our mission to provide options and choices to those that are victimized by violence.