About Us

SVS provides Crisis Shelter, Community Resource Centers, and Prevention and Education for survivors of domestic violence.

Our Mission

Provide shelter, advocacy, case management, and prevention services to families and individuals impacted by domestic violence.

South Valley Services mission is to provide safe shelter, advocacy, case management, and prevention services to men, women and children experiencing psychological, physical, emotional, economic or sexual abuse at home. We aim to empower individuals and communities through education to recognize their self-worth and to develop the necessary skills to reach their greatest potential, contributing to the collective well being of our community.

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South Valley Services has served the community since 1998.
Nights of Shelter
Hours of Case Management
Crisis Hotline Calls
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Community Support

Our Services

During the fiscal year 2018-2019 (Jun-Jul) South Valley Services provided 14,595 nights of shelter to 438 homeless individuals of which 53 percent were children, 3,109 hours of case management services to 705 individuals, SVS’ advocates answered 2,626 crisis hotline calls, of which 953 were high risk of homicide, 100 individuals with financial assistance in order to access safe and affordable housing, 1,381 hours of clinical services to 209 individuals, and 99 classes about Safe Dating and Healthy Relationship to 2,396 high school students.

24 Hour Crisis Line
Our Victim Advocates answer our 24-hour crisis hotline, conducting intakes with incoming residents, assisting the shelter residents, meeting shelter residents needs and advocating for victims. They work continually in the community to find supplies, donations and partnerships to help gather essential supplies for resident use.
Crisis Shelter

We are one of only two domestic violence shelters in Salt Lake County, serving a population of 1,029,655 individuals.

Help is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call our hotline for shelter services 801-255-1095.

Case Managers

South Valley Services is more than a shelter. We provide supportive, comprehensive services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every resident is assigned to a case manager. They provide intensive support to residents during their stay and help residents as they transition out of the shelter.

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Our Vision

To end family violence, one survivor at a time.

At South Valley Services, we believe in the worth of all people equally. We also recognize that each individual’s personal experience and situation is unique yet reflective of society’s institutionalized attitudes and values. Interactions with our residents and our staff are based on the core value of understanding and accepting everyone’s own uniqueness. This philosophy and dedication to social justice makes South Valley Services stand out as a leader in the community. Our core values as an agency are social justice, self-determination, dignity, acceptance and empowerment for all.